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Founded by Mr. Yasir Ahmad, a seasoned abroad education consultant, SMi Consultant is dedicated to providing the best solutions to your abroad education problems.
SMi Consultant is one of the top study abroad consultants in Peshawar and Pakistan, having a dynamic team of professional experts, SMi provides tailored services for those students who are looking to study abroad.

With over 7 years of experience in Student Counseling, SMi has guided numerous students toward achieving their dream of studying abroad in countries like, UK, USA, Canada, Australia, Ireland, Hungary etc. Under the umbrella of Premier English House, SMI also provides English language courses and preparatory classes for international English language proficiency exams. Our mission is to deliver the best possible service to ensure student success at every step of their educational journey abroad.

Our Mission:

Aiming at being the best study abroad consultants in Peshawar and Pakistan, SMi Consultant is dedicated to deliver exceptional services and guidance at every stage of the study abroad process, from the initial application to visa submission to pre-departure and post-landing assistance.

As one of the best study abroad consultants in the country, SMi Consultant ensures that students receive the best possible guidance and support throughout their journey.

Recent Achievements

ICEF Agency Status Certificate for SMi, Study Abroad Consultants

ICEF Certification

SMi Consultant is excited to share the news of its recent membership with ICEF, marking a significant milestone in our commitment to delivering outstanding educational consulting services. Through our affiliation with ICEF, we gain access to a prestigious global network known for its expertise and resources in international education. This partnership empowers SMi Consultant to enhance its offerings, fostering valuable connections and opportunities for both students and educational institutions. With the support of ICEF, SMi Consultant is poised to broaden its reach and impact, solidifying its position as one of the foremost foreign education consultancy firms and top study abroad consultants in Peshawar.

Certification Award

We are thrilled to announce the expansion of our team’s expertise with the addition of another certification. Our Education Counsellor has successfully completed and passed the UK Agent Counsellor exam, becoming a certified Education Agent in Pakistan through the British Council. This new certification further enhances our extensive qualifications as Education Counsellors in Australia and the USA.

As certified Education Agents, we are excited to extend our services to students in Pakistan, aiding them in fulfilling their aspirations of studying abroad. From identifying suitable universities to securing scholarships and navigating the application process, we are committed to providing comprehensive support to students at every stage of their journey.


PIER Certification Award

The PIER (Professional International Education Resources) award has been given to Mr. Yasir Ahmad for completion of the Education Training Course QEAC Certification Exam. 

The recent accolade bestowed upon Mr. Yasir Ahmad, the recipient of the PIER (Professional International Education Resources) award for successfully completing the Education Training Course QEAC Certification Exam, further solidifies the reputation of SMi Consultant as one of the best consultants in Peshawar.

Mr. Yasir’s achievement highlights the commitment to excellence and expertise that defines our team.

As one of the best study abroad consultants in Peshawar, SMi continues to be recognized for its dedication to providing top-tier guidance and support to students pursuing education abroad.

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