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For over 8 years, SMi Consultant has proudly stood as a beacon of excellence, offering unmatched consultancy services to students aspiring to study abroad in destinations like the UK, US, Australia, Malaysia, Ireland, Germany, Hungary, and the UAE. Our legacy is built on a commitment to guiding and supporting students on their path to academic success overseas.

Throughout our journey, we have forged robust partnerships with universities, educational institutions, and students globally. This has solidified our reputation as a trusted and reliable authority in the field of international education consultancy.

At SMi Consultant, we take pride in being your steadfast companion as you embark on your journey towards academic excellence abroad.

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Top Medical Schools in the Caribbean

Pioneering Education and Innovation in Healthcare

Saba University School of Medicine

Saba University School of Medicine

Nestled in the pristine Caribbean island of Saba, Saba University School of Medicine represents a distinguished private for-profit institution, dedicated to shaping the next generation of medical professionals. Offering a comprehensive curriculum, Saba University awards its graduates the esteemed Doctor of Medicine degree. The university is under the ownership of R3 Education, Inc., embodying a commitment to excellence in medical education.

St. Matthew's University


Set amidst the captivating scenery of the Grand Cayman in the Caribbean, St. Matthew’s University shines as a leading private for-profit offshore educational institution. With a robust academic portfolio encompassing both medicine and veterinary medicine, SMU is esteemed for conferring prestigious M.D. and D.V.M. degrees from its School of Medicine and School of Veterinary Medicine, respectively. Under the ownership of R3 Education, Inc., St. Matthew’s University is dedicated to fostering excellence in education and nurturing the next generation of healthcare and veterinary professionals.


Medical University of the Americas

With a foundation laid over two decades ago, the Medical University of the Americas (MUA) was established upon a core educational philosophy centered on the belief that the best medical education is delivered through intimate class settings, personalized one-on-one instruction, and a steadfast dedication to delivering an education synonymous with that of esteemed U.S. and Canadian medical institutions. Today, MUA remains steadfast in its commitment to these founding principles, garnering widespread acclaim for its unwavering pursuit of academic excellence and its track record of producing successful graduates. This dedication has solidified MUA’s position as a trailblazer among international medical schools.

Improve Your English Effiency

Premier English House is your premier destination for international education, specializing in comprehensive English language courses and professional accreditation.
Whether you’re preparing for the IELTS exam or seeking to enhance your English language proficiency, PEH offers a range of tailored English courses to suit your needs. Our dedicated team is committed to providing top-notch language support and ensuring your success in achieving your language learning goals.

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